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Do you want to be at the top of search results and outperform your competitors? Do you want to increase traffic for your SEO for casino? Increase your ROI significantly? What should you do to make it happen? Use the PBN service.

Pbn seo what is it? The PBN is a high authority private blog network used to build links to your main website.

Role of PBNs in Casino SEO

Gambling SEO is impossible without link building. The more reliable the links on your site are, the higher the search engine score. The purpose of a PBN for casino sites is to provide the main site with these links.

Most of the players come to the website from search engines. Few go further than the first page of the SERPs. Finding a website in the top 10 is the basis for steady organic traffic. This is where SEO optimization and its main method, link-building, come in.

In the past, it was enough to buy many links to any resource. Now the search engines monitor their naturalness and the quality of the donor sites. In addition, a high-quality link is expensive. It turns out that Private Blog Network (PBN) Setup is both easier and cheaper.

Why Choose US

Site Ownership

Having your own private blog networks lets you experiment with different link-building strategies to see what works. PBN for casino sites offers affiliates more link-building opportunities, giving you the chance to choose the right option.

Instead of just putting thousands of random links, we select and recover quality drops for PBNs. With a clean link profile, high-quality content, and pure history, your casino website’s link profile is purely built on reputation and authority.

Unique Content

Using our team of skilled professional writers in the casino niche, we deliver quality content that is well-researched and optimized for high search engine rankings.


The PBN gambling backlinks on the donor casino website are permanently placed, after which they bring steady traffic and raise your site’s position in search engine results. Your optimization strategies and sensitive project details are never shared with other affiliates. We’ll even hide your Private Blog Network for casino backlinks from competitors.

Perfect history

With our main focus being casino SEO services, we understand what it takes to rank online casino sites on top of SERPs. We also have years of experience developing casino PBN sites.


Buying backlinks and advertising from good domains is not cheap. It’s much cheaper to set up a custom PBN network to improve your site’s visibility. Plus, you only pay for the PBNs once, and you keep renewing the advertisement permanently. It’s simple: you will outperform your competitors if you use your budget more effectively.

PBN Setup Process

Building a casino PBN network requires three things – domains, hosting, and content. With these three things, you can set up your casino private blog network and kickstart your SEO campaign in these six steps:
#1. Research and choose high-quality domains
Setting up your PBN starts with selecting good, niche-relevant domains that haven’t been previously used for spam, with many quality backlinks and plenty of referring domains. As such, check the domain authority and ensure the domains are from different IPs to avoid having a closed network.
#2. Choose a hosting provider
Developing a powerful network of gambling sites from expired domains requires significant web hosting power. That requires significant resources and can include technical constraints like unique IP addresses. In such a case, the best solution is to host your sites on multiple A/C Class IPs through reputable hosting providers.
#3. Install WordPress
Installing WordPress on your gambling sites is a straightforward process whether you do it manually or through WordPress Hosting services. However, using WordPress Hosting services is more beneficial as it is faster and more scalable in the long run.
#4. Start researching keywords
The first process to developing casino backlinks involves understanding keywords and how they influence your bottom line. You can use tools like Moz Keyword Explorer and Google Adwords Keyword Planner to help you do keyword research.
#5. Customize themes and create quality content
With your target audience in mind and keywords at hand, it’s time to customize the themes of every gambling site to improve the user experience. Besides the site’s aesthetics, a casino PBN is only worth the effort if the content can organically rank well on SERPs. As such, it needs to be well-researched and keyword-rich.
#6. Add backlinks to the main gambling site
The final stage of setting up your network involves adding PBN links to your main casino site and monitoring your rankings. At this stage, your network of casino sites should be running smoothly, and can expect to start seeing some results.

PBN Setup Services for Gambling Sites

Getting your casino site into the top 10 search engine results is the basis for consistent organic traffic. It’s where search engine optimization and link building come together. In previous years, buying a huge number of backlinks to different sources was enough to rank, but that has all changed. Search engines are now analyzing every donor site for quality and naturalness.

Surprisingly, setting up a PBN is simpler and more cost-effective. The process might prove to be a daunting task for beginners, but the professional PBN casino SEO services from SEO.Casino will be of great assistance in this regard.


Promoting through a network of PBN satellites requires special care and expertise. Search engines are quite picky about gambling PBNs and even the slightest error can lead to penalties and blocking. We create networks with unique content, design, and code. We also search for quality domains, which makes our PBN satellites full-fledged sites.

Our PBN sites stand out through careful sourcing of good drop domains, quality content, and removal of footprints. Built by experts with years of experience offering casino SEO services, our gambling private blog networks, and PBN links are built to outperform and outlast your competition.

So, what can you expect from all our sites? Here are a few things that make our PBN services unique.

#1. A network of real websites, not PBNs!

PBN network SEO requires care, otherwise, you risk penalties and blockages. When you order a turnkey PBN Setup service from SEO.Casino, you get high-quality websites with unique designs and engaging content. All the sites are designed by experts and optimized for various devices and keywords, bringing forth a fully-fledged site for stable traffic.

#2. We choose only good domains

Our gambling SEO experts check all the domains for add-ons and monitor the performance of the site from the moment you start your link-building process. The quality of our domains affects the effectiveness of the whole PBN, and no SEO wants to rank low in the SERPs. If a niche-relevant domain isn’t available, we don’t compromise on anything less but continue our search.

#3. Carefully checking the drop for ‘negative’

Low-quality drops increase the risk of penalties, blocking, and loss of all links. In our case, building a PBNs doesn’t come without thoroughly checking drops for sanctions. We look at the ratio of trusted links to the total number of links and check the domain history and the anchor list.

#4. Blurring your tracks

Fewer footprints mean less chance of the satellites being penalized. If a search engine finds “traces” of a PBN, the main site will lose its position. That’s why we hide the linking of PBNs and make them as private as possible, even from competitors.

#5. We carefully craft content

Automatically AI-generated content won’t help you increase your traffic or promote your website to actual people. For us, developing a PBN for the casino niche is impossible without unique, well-researched, and engaging text.

The quality of your casino PBN and the success of the Gambling SEO Company for casino promotion, in general, depends on the content. With SEO.Casino, your website only gets the right content created by a team of skilled copywriters.

#6. Quality doesn’t mean slowly

Speed and quality are our top priorities. Speed helps us outperform slower competitors. Quality ensures our clients get the best possible results. We combine these two to dispel myths about the dangers and slowness of PBN SEO. The specialists at SEO.Casino are also thoroughly familiar with the iGaming niche and adapt to the rules and trends of your chosen region.


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Can I build a PBNs by myself?

Yes, you can set up the PBN yourself. But even the slightest mistake can cause your site to be penalized and lose traffic. There is a big risk of investing all the resources but not getting results. As such, we recommend investing in professional PBN services like SEO.Casino to avoid costly mistakes.

Can You Hide My Casino PBNs from unwanted eyes?

Yes, our casino SEO experts can hide all out PBNs from being crawled by popular optimization tools used by competitors, including SEMrush, Ahrefs, and others. It’s only the search engines that can notice the presence of the build links on your profile. As such, nobody can copy or mimic your link-building process to outrank you.

Can I get custom plugins and features for my casino PBNs?

Yes, the experts at SEO.Casino are always ready to discuss the integration of any custom plugins and features that you may want for your PBNs.

While there’s no limit to the number of times that you can link a PBN to your money site, we recommend putting PBN links provided it brings in results. Some of our clients have kept casino PBN networks for over three years and they still bring in traffic. The best thing about PBNs is that you’re the site owner and you can manage the links however you want.

It’s realistically impossible to tell how many PBN links you’ll need to buy to rank in the top 1 in SERPs on the casino niche. Instead, we recommend analyzing your top-ranking competitors and starting small with around 10 casino PBN backlinks. From there, you can analyze your results and gradually increase your backlinks as you grow.

How long will It take to setup 10 PBNs?

That will depend on your criteria for choosing PBNs and GEO. But on average, we can fully set up 10 sites within 14-30 days. That includes choosing trusted domains, content creation, managing satellite systems, setting up themes, and reference accounting. However, the speed will be influenced by your project wishes and domain metrics.

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