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Do you want to be at the top of search results and outperform your competitors? Do you want to increase traffic for your SEO for casino? Increase your ROI significantly? What should you do to make it happen? Use the PBN service.

Pbn seo what is it? The PBN is a high authority private blog network used to build links to your main website.


SEO is impossible without link building. The more reliable links that links to your site, the higher the search engine score. The purpose of a Private Blog Network is to provide the main site with these links.

Most of the players come to the website from search. Few go further than the first page of the search engine. Finding a website in the top 10 is the basis for steady organic traffic. This is where SEO optimisation and its main method, link-building, come in.

In the past, it was enough to buy a mass of links to any resource. Now the search engines monitor their naturalness and the quality of the donor sites. In addition, a high-quality link is expensive. It turns out that PBN Setup is both easier and cheaper.

Quality drops are selected and recovered for PBNs. With a strong and clean link profile, pure history, and good unique content. These are the link donors that give the best results.

You can be assured that these sites will not lose their quality in the future. In addition, they can be additionally pumped up to enhance the effect.

The pbn links on the donor site page are placed permanently, after which they steadily bring in additional traffic and raise the site’s position in search engines.

Flexibility – you control everything!

The private blog network can always be supplemented and modified. This allows you to adapt to any situation and receive the maximum amount of traffic.

Extra traffic for web sites

Satellites collect traffic that can be redirected to the main site through links. In this way, the main platform gets more visitors and profits.


Buying links and advertising from good domains is not cheap. It is much cheaper to setup a custom PBN network. Plus, you only pay for the PBNs once, and you keep renewing the advertisement permanently. It’s simple: you will outperform your competitors if you use your budget more effectively.

Experiments and theory testing

Owning your own PBN network allows you to experiment and get the best results. PBNs gives you more options for linking, allowing you to choose the best one for your site.


Promoting through a network of PBN satellites requires special care and expertise. Search engines are quite picky about casino PBNs. Even the slightest error can lead to penalties and blocking.

We create networks with unique content, design, and code. And we search for quality domains, which makes our PBN satellites full-fledged sites.

Our PBN Services stand out

Our PBN sites stand out through careful sourcing of good drop domains, quality content, and removal of footprints. We make it so that the search engine like it.

A network of real websites, not PBNs!

Pbn network SEO requires care, otherwise, there is a risk of penalties and blockages.

How do you build a PBN network and avoid being penalized? Order a turnkey PBN Setup Serice from Seo.casino. All our sites have unique designs and content, including Online Casino Affiliate Website , Affiliate iGaming Sites Development and SEO Service for Poker Room. All texts are written by experts and filled with keywords. Our PBN is a full-fledged site bringing stable traffic.

Choose only good domains

We don’t take the first drop that comes along just to close the order faster. Our experts check the domain for add-ons and look at the performance of the site at the time of the drop. The quality of a domain affects the effectiveness of the entire PBN, and no one wants a low position in the search engine.

If a suitable domain is not available, we do not compromise on anything less but continue our search.

Carefully checking the drop for ‘negative’

Low-quality drops increase the risk of penalties, blocking, and loss of all links. In our case, building a PBN does not come without thoroughly checking drops for sanctions. We look at the ratio of trusted links to the total number of links and check the domain history and the anchor list.

Using top tools for top results

We don’t save money on tools to promote your site. More expensive tools give you more analysis and speed up the PBN setup process. For us, time and quality are first priority, so we use the best resources.

Blurring our tracks

Fewer footprints mean less chance of the satellites being penalized. If a search engine finds “traces” of a Private Blog Networks (PBN), the main site will lose its position. This is why we hide the linking of PBN sites and make them as private as possible.

We write content, not generate it automatically

Automatic content generation is a one-way road. The end of search engine rankings. That’s no way to increase traffic and it’s no way to promote your site.
For us, building a PBN is impossible without unique texts. The quality of link mass and Gambling SEO Company for casino promotion in general depends on the content. In Seo.casino content for your web sites create only by copywriters. So our team is one of the Best Sportsbook SEO Agency.

Customise and fine-tune websites

PBN sites should give customers the same unique experience as the main site. Personalized sites are liked by both visitors and search engines. Customized rebuilt sites are another way of hiding the link between the satellites.

Get rid of a headache

Promoting a gambling resource requires knowledge, effort, and time. We want to make life easier for you and offer turnkey PBN setup services. You don’t have to think about the amount of link mass and hustle to find resources to promote your site. We take care of everything – from finding domains to writing the right content.

The forefront of PBN development

Over the years we have created more than a hundred different and unique PBNs. Every year it becomes more and more challenging to get new backlinks. Especially in the iGaming industry. But building PBNs gives you control over backlinks and improves your site’s position.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to build links, and we’re also improving old ones. This is how we control the link-building process as a whole and stay on top of an overheated gambling niche.

Quality PBNs

We don’t just create sites, we create quality. Finding quality drops, anonymous footprints, thoughtful content – all make your PBN Network effective and safe.

Speak all languages

Our team doesn’t know what a language barrier is. You can order a PBN website in any language and for any region of the world. Seo.Casino specialists are thoroughly familiar with the iGaming niche and adapt to the rules and trends of your chosen region.

Quality does not mean slowly

Speed and quality are our top priorities. Speed helps us outperform slower competitors. Quality ensures our clients get the best possible results. We combine these two to dispel myths about the dangers and slowness of PBN SEO.

Using new and effective tactics

Over the years we have tried many strategies and selected the best ones. We are constantly testing, looking for new ways of promoting your resources, and selecting the most relevant ones.


Can I build a PBN Network by myself?

Yes, you can. But even the slightest mistake can cause your site to be penalized and lose traffic. There is a big risk of investing all the resources but not getting results. But you can still try.

Do I need PBN setup for my project?

PBN setup and development is an effective way to get guaranteed quality and controllable links. In a cost/effect comparison, they are much more profitable than buying articles and press releases, and much better than rented links.

How much does it cost to build a network of 10 sites? And 20?

The cost of a project depends on your goals, regions, and languages. You can request the quote [email protected].

How long does it take to create a PBN of 10 sites?

On average it takes about 2 weeks for 10 sites. The speed depends on your project wishes and the number of links and domain metrics.

What guarantee is there that the PBN Network will work?

We guarantee full support even after the work is finished. If PBN will not index, we will replace it at zero charge. We are also always ready to advise on the linking process.

How will you hand over control and ownership of the PBN Netwrok to me?

The document with access to the domain registrar, hosting, CDN and site admin panels is transferred as soon as the project is executed.

Our experts will advise you and help you choose the best URLs and Anchors, they can also add all links.

Can I request custom plugins and features for my PBNs?

Yes, we are ready to discuss all your wishes and put them into practice.

Do you guarantee the domains will be indexed?

We guarantee that all domains are indexed. In case of problems (non-indexation, manual penalties) domains are replaced free of charge.

How can we help you?

We’d love to tell you more!

Send us your name, email, website, and any detailed information you can provide about the project, and we’ll get back to you within 24-hours with a plan to get to bring you players with amazing LTV.

Ask yourself: Am I ready for a serious boost in traffic and deposits?

Demand for our team of experts is high, and there are limited spaces available for new clients, so contact us and claim your spot today!

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